A Demons Game Episode 1-PLAZA

Developer:RP Studios
Publisher:RP Studios
Release Name:A.Demons.Game.Episode.1-PLAZA
Size:4.26 GB

Description: Sometimes you have to commit yourself to achieve something in life,you need to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, and triumph over all barriers between you and that goal. My name is Daniel. I used to live a normal life… I had a decent job, a beautiful wife… but everything changed, and now I have to get her back and save myself in the process. I'm ready to go to the deepest corners of hell if I have to, if it means I get to see her again.
The Description may seem to be simple and somewhat cliché, however we ensure you that there will be a level of depth beyond the generic indie horror game story. For fans of games with deep, well thought out stories, you will not be disappointed. Continue reading “A Demons Game Episode 1-PLAZA”

Bloody Boobs-PLAZA

Genre:Nudity, Gore, Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Eduard Bulashov
Publisher: Eduard Bulashov
Release Name:Bloody.Boobs-PLAZA
Size: 2.15 GB

Description: Imagine that you are a young beautiful girl with a tasty body, and it can mean only one thing – you're perfect for… Human sacrifice for an ancient god! Try to get out of the labyrinth with a help of your teammates. Avoid traps that awaits you on your path. Banish a devilish creature back to where it came from. Continue reading “Bloody Boobs-PLAZA”


Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: GAME FREAK inc.
Publisher: GAME FREAK inc.
Size: 1.69 GB

Release Description:
GIGA WRECKER is a 2D action adventure game where you play as Reika, a girl who has the ability to manipulate debris and explore a world invaded by an army of evil robots.
Experience and enjoy unique action, attractive characters and dramatic story. Continue reading “GIGA WRECKER-PLAZA”


Release: 24 Jan, 2017
Genre: Gore, Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Creature of the Rise co.,ltd.
Language: English
Platform: PC (Windows)
Size: 1.28Gb

In our quest to conquer the outer space, humans have strives to develop more and more technology geared towards achieving such conquest albeit less perfect but in all, it is a work in progress from all directions. "HEPHAESTUS" is the most advanced cutting-edge space technology there is, it embolden the best of skill and expertise in the field of advance space studies, which has been developed after a thorough investigation of all space accidents till date. We have successfully turned all the past tragedies into a learning curve to come up with a near perfect technology that had outpaced and outperformed any of such programs in it league. Continue reading “HEPH-PLAZA”

How to shoot a criminal-PLAZA

Genre:Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Pandorica
Publisher: Pandorica
Release Name:The.Last.Hope.Trump.vs.Mafia-PLAZA
Size: 1.49 GB

Description: In How to Shoot a Criminal, you investigate a famous newspaper in the 1930′s era. You must find definite proof of wrongdoing with the help of the game's search engine in order to sink the newspaper down.
Aaron Williams is an ambitious editor in chief in charge of the Revenge, a newspaper bent on revealing the truth at all costs. This noble mission becomes harder and harder to accomplish as politics, economics and inner dissension within the newspaper staff gets in the way. It will test the mettle of the editing team of the Revenge, and ultimately will reveal the true nature of some of its members. Continue reading “How to shoot a criminal-PLAZA”

Greenwood the Last Ritual-PLAZA

Genre:Violent, Gore, Adventure, Indie
Release Name:Greenwood.the.Last.Ritual-PLAZA
Size: 2.15GB

Greenwood The Last Ritual is an adventure game with isometric viewpoint where you will play as an envoy of Vatican. Use magic of pentagrams to break the Curse on the Valley. At the same time you will have to try to resist that Curse yourself and make it out alive.
The game takes place in alternate medieval Europe. It has been more than five hundred years since the end of the Age of Darkness and creation of the Barrier. The horrors of the war with demons are long forgotten, the order of Paladins has become a great legend and the Inquisition, that has cleared Europe from evil, is now the head the Church. Continue reading “Greenwood the Last Ritual-PLAZA”